Temby Australia trumpets reflect and respect traditional designs, but also acknowledge and make use of improvements in engineering, technology, and materials. Temby ‘Monel’ valves are fast, smooth and reliable, the slides are precision fitted and smooth to operate. Different models allow the player to choose which instrument will help to achieve their individual sound, with the least effort.

If you are a commercial or lead player, you may also wish to have your trumpet Cycralign™ treated by us. This process will give you even more “sizzle” and focus to your sound, and speed up the airflow.

MAW Valves are another option you may like to consider. They encourage a more free airflow. Sound waves traveling through the instrument are less disrupted. Playing is easier. There is a more focussed sound with less effort. Notes and slots tend to be more stable with increased clarity.



The Temby Signature model trumpet gives beginners a great start, and helps to advance playing to higher levels, more quickly.

A 4 3/4″ yellow brass bell produces a clear and focussed sound. The rose brass leadpipe helps to make playing easier for novice players. This trumpet now (since year 2016) also features the professional ‘Monel’ pistons that form the basis of Temby professional trumpets. The adjustable 3rd valve throw ring and modified amado water keys rounds out a fantastic starter trumpet.

Comes in a delux backpack case with a Temby 7C mouthpiece.

Available Finishes:

  • Clear lacquered
  • Silver plated


    INTERMEDIATE (discontinued)

    This trumpet model was originally released in 2003 as the Temby Intermediate Trumpet. Since then, with input from Australian trumpet icon Bob Venier, the instrument has undergone some minor changes. It was his instrument of choice for studio work and was re-named the Temby BV Lightweight Studio model then in 2016, it had the pistons upgraded to professional Model ones and the model is now known as the Temby Signature (see above) model trumpet.

    Despite the name changes, this model has been a favourite of many schools throughout Australia, for it’s easy playing, class leading reliability and ability to last the distance required by school environments. For individuals, this horn will give you a great chance of success with your learning and playing development.


    The affordable entry into the land of pro horns!

    The versatile, all-round horn performs perfectly for advancing and advanced students, and at levels that professionals demand.

    Responsive, easy blow, good projection, secure intonation and slotting, valves and slides that are fast, smooth, and long term reliable, well balanced and comfortable to hold.

    Many pro players and teachers have given valuable input into the requirements of this trumpet. In particular, highly respected Australian pro trumpet player and educator, Shane Gillard, generously spent nearly a year with me working on design specifications, parts and materials design and selection, prototyping, play testing in different environments, reviewing and alterations.

    The Temby Prestige Trumpet is a well thought out, no frills, no fuss, easy to play horn. It is engineered to the finest tolerances and is made with the highest quality materials and workmanship.

    Shane Gillard and I are very proud of the final result – the affordable entry into the land of pro horns!

    Avalable Finishes:

    • Clear lacquered
    • Silver plated
    • Silver plated with yellow gold plated trim


    Lightweight yellow brass construction – simple and responsive, 4 3/4″ yellow brass bell, Rose brass lead pipe, Monel pistons, Lightweight valve top and bottom caps, 1st valve slide thumb saddle, 3rd valve slide ring, Nickel Silver main tuning slide inners, “New York style” main tuning slide braces – positioned for more secure slotting and harmonic balance, Traditional water keys with corks for ease of use and security

    Comes in a Deluxe Backpack Case wiht a Temby 3C mouthpiece


    The TEMBY PROFESSIONAL TRUMPET is widely acclaimed for many reasons. The sound of this ML bore (.460″) trumpet is versatile with warmth at low to mid volumes and plenty of projection at higher volumes – without sacrificing tonal quality. The notes lock in to their centre really easily even in the higher registers.

    All Temby Professional and Custom Trumpets feature ML .460″ bore, yellow brass valve section, monel pistons, amado water keys, West Australia mother of pearl valve top inserts, medium heavy bottom caps, deluxe backpack case, D and rounded tuning slides (except reverse leadpipe custom models.


    This model performs at the high level expected by professional players, but is equally at home with an advancing student. This horn will encourage students to develop confidence and skills with more ease.

    The rose brass bell is made with high copper content brass, and the rest of the horn is made from yellow brass. This combination makes this instrument very responsive whilst maintaining a nice warm and broad sound.

    Finished in durable clear lacquer, this trumpet looks beautiful.


    This trumept has slightly more focus to the sound (compared to the lacquered version) whilst retaining a beautiful tonal structure.

    This is an excellent “all-round” trumpet for those wanting a clear yet colourful sound. The ML bore (.460″) provides a nice easy blow with enough support for the air column to work effectively in the higher ranges. The notes lock in to their centre really easily even in the high and extreme registers.

    Intonation and evenness of tone across the range, are excellent. The horn is also well balanced and very comfortable to hold in those longer practice sessions or performances.


    The ‘BV’ Vintage Series is a fitting tribute to one of Australia’s leading trumpet players, Bob Venier. A beautiful and warm sounding horn, reminiscent of the good old days.

    The raw brass, un-lacquered finishes patinas beautifully and the tone grows as it plays in.

    David Temby “When I was a young player, I was captivated by Bob Venier playing beautiful lyrical jazz lines. He has remained my absolute favourite flugelhorn player since. Bob has been one of Australia’s most versatile professional trumpet players for decades now, and his playing is as precise and heartfelt as ever. To have Bob playing one of my horns is a dream come true. He play tested a number of Temby models including cycralign treated silver custom models, but finally settled on a custom raw brass “Vintage” instrument which we then modified to become his own signature model. His sound is magical on this horn – thanks Bob!”


    Build up your own personalised horn to suit the way that you want to play and sound! Hand assembled by David Temby in Melbourne, Australia, using a vast selection of components from Australia, Germany, Japan, Taiwan and USA. Contact us to make an appointment.


    Now you can play Temby Trumpet Artist – Matthew Tubman’s very own Temby custom trumpet model.

    Hand assembled and hand finished – one at a time. Every horn is rigorously play tested and obtains the “seal of approval” by Matthew, before being handed over to it’s new owner.

    Just like Matthew’s own horn, the “Tubstar” features a Temby 725L lightweight yellow brass bell. It has an early taper with a 5″ bell diameter. For comparison purposes, this bell is similar in dimensions to a traditional “72” design, but takes advantage of thinner, more responsive walls, and a larger 5” bell diameter. This widens the spread of sound, and provides the player with more feedback.

    The bore is ML .460″, and the standard “Tubstar” comes with medium heavy bottom caps, and two 1″ and one 1.5″ hollow valve bottom cap extenders, to replicate the configuration that Matthew prefers on his own horn.

    The blow is open, and the tone is broad. The lightweight bell allows for a wider range of tonal colours and faster response. The balance of the horn makes this a very comfortable horn to play for extended periods. Although the tone is broad, this horn has a defined core which makes it equally at home as a lead horn, or as an all round “workhorse”. For a very capable lead horn, the bottom end is also huge.

    This trumpet has it’s own individual look with hand finished “fine matting” of the raw brass bell and silver plated leadpipe and sections of the valve slides. It’s a mixture of classic and contemporary.


    This model, is Dane Laboyrie’s choice for his “all round, versatile horn”. Dane is Sydney’s “young gun” trumpet man. When he asked me to assemble and customise a new horn, he was hoping to achieve the almost impossible … a horn that would be legitimate for repertoire, whilst capable of warm breathy jazz and wait for it … perfect for theatre work … oh no, not more?

    Features include a Temby 725L lightweight yellow brass bell. It has an early taper with a 5″ bell diameter, and the horn is built on a silver plated Temby professional valve section which is fast, smooth and reliable. In addition to the medium heavy weight bottom caps, it also includes a hollow brass bottom valve cap extender (20mm) which can be easily fitted to the 1st valve. This is the final micro adjustment that provided Dane Laboyrie with the sound and slots that he was looking for. Like all Temby hand assembled trumpets, modifications can be made over time to enhance or alter certain characteristics of the horn.

    The blow is open, and the tone is broad, but with a defined core. There is just enough resistance to provide support for the player, without creating too much back-pressure. For legit playing, the sound is refined, for jazz, Dane is able to produce a very broad and lyrical sound, and for lead – the horn just takes off with projection and more focus, but without harshness of tone. The lightweight big bell allows for a wider range of tonal colours and faster response. The weight balance of the horn also makes this a very comfortable horn to play for extended periods.

    This David Temby hand assembled trumpet has it’s own individual look with hand finished “fine matting” of the brass bell and silver plated leadpipe and sections of the valve slides. Dane worked alongside me in the workshop so that every detail was personalised for him, and his own horn. These features are available right now on a “ready to purchase” horn, just like Dane’s.