Temby Professional Rose Brass Trumpet


The original ‘all round’ Temby Professional trumpet that plays as great as it looks! The medium weight rose brass 5” bell has a colourful and versatile tone.



The TEMBY PROFESSIONAL TRUMPET is widely acclaimed for many reasons. The sound of this ML bore (.460″) trumpet is versatile with warmth at low to mid volumes and plenty of projection at higher volumes – without sacrificing tonal quality. The notes lock in to their centre really easily even in the higher registers.

This model performs at the high level expected by professional players, but is equally at home with an advancing student. This horn will encourage students to develop confidence and skills with more ease.

Temby trumpet valves and slides are fast, smooth and precise, and they are incredibly reliable. You will play the monel pistons “in”, not wear them out!

The rose brass bell is made with high copper content brass, and the rest of the horn is made from yellow brass. This combination makes this instrument very responsive whilst maintaining a nice warm and broad sound.

Intonation and evenness of tone across the range, are excellent. The horn is also well balanced and very comfortable to hold in those longer practice sessions or performances.

This is an excellent choice for those searching for great value in a world class trumpet.

Finished in durable clear lacquer, this trumpet looks beautiful.


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