From the humble desire to build a high quality, reliable and affordable student saxophone Temby saxophones have gone well beyond and are sought after the world over. All design, development & modelling work is undertaken in Australia with input from many professional musicians. Heavy engineering is then completed with specialised machinery in Taiwan. Final work is then carried out in the workshops in Melbourne, Australia. Thanks to Temby’s commitment to instrument reliability, quality engineering, materials & unique features, it is no surprise there are many professional musicians around the world who now play Temby Australia saxophones.

Comfort and play-ability is always at the forefront of the Temby range of instruments and the saxophones are no exception ensuring comfortable playing and ergonomic hand positioning. Temby Baritone Saxophones compare favourably with traditional brands, and are more moderately priced. Low A key, big sound, ergonomic and long term reliable.

Temby’s latest model baritone saxophone has been completely redesigned from the ground up & was released in 2010. This is a fantastic saxophone in a more affordable price range than other high performance saxophones.

All Temby saxophones come in a high quality case and have a 6 year manufactures warranty.


The perfect baritone for schools and advancing students. Robust and versatile this saxophone fits well in a concert band setting or belting out those kicking bigband bari lines.

Rich gold lacquer finish.


The Black and Silver Custom Baritone is powerful, harmonically rich and visually stunning.  This saxophone sings across or underpins big bands with projection and clarity, and cuts through rock bands with ease. Or take this horn to other tonal places that you have never experienced before. Players will love the incredibly diverse tonal colour palette.

Rich black nickel plated body and contrasting fine silver plated keywork. The horn is resonant and vibrant. It has power and clarity, but also has warmth when required. It allows the player to be totally expressive. Altissimo is easier, and intonation is excellent across the whole range.

From intimate jazz settings right through to hard hitting commercial, blues or whatever, this horn will do it all (and more!)


This horn is the favourite of so many professional jazz players. Why? This is most expressive sax available – it allows you to be what you want to be – it doesn’t try to copy anything or any other player’s sound – it will be true to you.

You would think that our vintage model sax is a living and breathing thing – Unlike any other horn, our vintage sax sound develops quickly – particularly over the first 100 or so hours of playing. What typically happens is that the sound will grow into your individual voice. Whether that is rich and mellow like the great sound of the 50’s or warm and room filling like the 30’s or even the up to date attack and projection demanded by today’s generation of sax monsters – It’s your call – let our horn be your voice and soul.

Un-lacquered raw brass finish on keywork and body. Produces a rich warm tone that deveolpes as the instrument ages.


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