Temby saxophones and flutes have been proudly made by our saxophone and flute manufacturing partners in Taiwan since 1997. Many components are made to Temby designs and specifications, with Temby specific equipment. The range of Temby saxophone and flute models and custom finishes has constantly grown over the past 20 years.

Temby brass instruments have been made to our specifications, in conjunction with our brass instrument manufacturing partners in Taiwan since 2003. Due to the high level of engineering precision of the factory, a number of other leading brands also use, or have used the manufacturer’s valve sections as a basis for their own instruments, or have had complete instruments made to their own specifications. A specialist manufacturer in Germany also makes valve sections and other components as options for Temby hand assembled trumpets.

David Temby, has been hand assembling trumpets in Melbourne since 2014 and makes or modifies some components to suit individual player’s requirements. Seven unique trumpets were made in that year, and since then, more and more are being assembled to meet the specific requirements of individual trumpet players.

Taiwan factories have had a very strong history of wind instrument manufacturing. Most technology and precision engineering enterprises acknowledge that the quality of engineering, technical expertise, technological capabilities and attention to detail combined with realistic production costs assure Taiwan’s continued place on the world map as a centre of high quality specialist manufacturing.

In 1997, David Temby was fortunate to become a manufacturing partner in a premium saxophone and flute factory in Taiwan. This enables him to continually develop and model unique designs in Melbourne, Australia, with dedicated input from local wind instrument professionals and then put these ideas into testing and production in the offshore facilities. In 2003 a new and valuable relationship was formed for brass instrument manufacturing.

Whilst Temby instruments are not currently made in Australia, we are continually working on being able to release an Australian made trumpet and saxophone in the not too distant future.

Depending on the model of the instrument, materials and/or components for Temby saxophones, flutes, trumpets and trombones are currently sourced from Australia, Taiwan, Japan, Italy and Germany. All research, design development and prototyping is carried out in Melbourne, Australia.

The sum total of all the designs and parts of Temby Instruments, make them unique instruments in their own right.