“I love the roller octave key, you must have put a lot of thought into technique” “Compared to my MkVI, this horn [Temby Custom] is a much freer blowing horn and it plays easy” Pharoah Sanders

From the humble desire to build a high quality, reliable and affordable student saxophone Temby saxophones have gone well beyond and are sought after the world over. All design, development & modelling work is undertaken in Australia with input from many professional musicians. Heavy engineering is then completed with specialised machinery in Taiwan. Final work is then carried out in the workshops in Melbourne, Australia. Thanks to Temby’s commitment to instrument reliability, quality engineering, materials & unique features, it is no surprise there are many professional musicians around the world who now play Temby Australia saxophones.

Comfort and play-ability is always at the forefront of the Temby range of instruments and the saxophones are no exception ensuring comfortable playing and ergonomic hand positioning. This can be seen in recent improvements to the low Eb/ C keys that are shaped for ergonomically secure finger positioning. The pressure is reduced and balanced for the player’s weakest finger (the smallest finger). It facilitates fast and smooth transitions from Eb to C and allows for secure finger location for other intervals.

They have unique features that set them apart from other brands including genuine mother of pearl key touches from Broome Western Australia and the fast & smooth actuating roller octave mechanism for correct alignment of the left thumb. This reduces the chance of discomfort, and the potential for repetitive strain injuries to the left hand and wrist. Carbon steel springs give a light & fast key action & Temby’s ultra keywork results in a mechanically quiet mechanism.

All Temby saxophones come in a high quality case and have a 6 year manufactures warranty.