Temby Gold Lacquered Curved Soprano Saxophone25


This saxophone has a lively and colourful sound, that has great feedback to the player, because of the curved bell.

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Temby Gold Lacquered Curved Soprano

Evolution of a classic!

Curved soprano saxophones have been made for more than a hundred years. Whilst some of those very early instruments were “interesting” to play, advances in designs and technology, now mean that you will enjoy the sound, intonation & “alto like” feel of the Temby curved soprano saxophone range.

The Temby curved soprano saxophone has a relaxed and easy airflow, making it easy and comfortable to play. The main advantage of a curved soprano is that the player gets great personal feedback. You can hear yourself playing and enjoy your sound more. Often, straight soprano players say that they wish that they could hear their playing, just like their audience can.

The quality of the design, materials and making is excellent. These are high quality, well designed horns that are made in smaller quantities to ensure that consistent quality assurance standards are met. The design, modelling, material selection and making meet Temby’s strictest standards.

Most players say that the Temby curved soprano saxophone has a warmer and rounder sound than a typical straight soprano sax. The curved model is expressive and versatile.

Temby started making this model in the mid 1990’s for young players. A number of 6-8 year old children that wanted to play the saxophone, but couldn’t physically manage an alto, saw the curved soprano as a great option. After many design exercises, the first of these horns were in students hands. Many of those children that are now adults, are still playing.

Since the 1990’s there have been many very small improvements to the designs and playing capabilities of this model, resulting in an instrument that professional players are very happy to play, just like their student counterparts.


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