The Temby “Signature” model is designed and manufactured to give students an easy start. It is also an excellent horn for players who are developing their playing to higher levels. This is the horn that should give you the best chance of success with your learning, while having fun making music!

This is an instrument that will take you through to higher levels of playing, without the need to upgrade too soon. If you are a “doubler” then this horn may also be a great option if your budget doesn’t extend to a pro trombone.

All of the features of this high quality instrument, add up to making it very responsive, easy to play and reliable.




Bore: .500″ is recognised as the optimum bore size for entry level to advancing players, where versatility is important.

Bell: Yellow brass provides faster response and clarity of sound – easier airflow.

Hand Slide: Yellow brass outer with nickel silver bow, braces and inner slide tubes. Enhanced response, easier blow, smooth and fast operation and wear minimisation. Rubber slide bumper included to reduce the chance of damage to the bow.

Tuning Slide: Combination of yellow brass and nickel silver to enhance response and provide smoothness of operation.

Mouthpiece: Temby 12c


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