The Temby Professional Pocket Trumpet is designed to have all the clarity, responsiveness, warmth and richness of a normal trumpet.

This is a fun yet serious instrument featuring our fast and smooth valve action and easy to play airflow. For a compact trumpet, the sound is big! This horn is totally gig ready! ML bore and larger bell flare makes this a great all round pocket trumpet. If you are a budding Don Cherry – add this to your trumpet quiver now.

Making the trumpet from yellow brass, makes it very responsive. To warm up the sound we add a bigger bell with a larger throat and flare. The valve slide bends “elbows” are all rounded out to improve airflow and efficiency, and reduce turbulence associated with tight “D” shaped bends in tubing.

The pistons are made from yellow brass with Monel coating to resist corrosion and allow for precise fitting, fast and smooth operation. To further reduce airflow resistance, the valve ports are “straight through” with no humps in them whatsoever. This certainly keeps the air flowing freely.

You can be confident that you will find this horn has a full sound at medium and low volumes and it will “hang in there” at higher volumes.


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