“My first reaction when I played a Temby Elite Flute was that it probably had a $10,000 (plus) price tag. I couldn’t believe it when David said that it was actually around 1/3 of that figure – I had to own one immediately”    Megan Kenny

Temby flutes have developed a reputation for their ease of play, larely owing to the hand finished embouchure hole – not found on most “assembly line” flutes. The embouchure hole is hand finished for maximum response and helps the beginning player to produce a more controlled airflow, resulting in easier production of a nicer sound, and more control of the instrument.

Comfort and playability is at the forefront of the desing of the Temby range of flutes ensureing comfroatble playing and ergonomic handpositioning.

The high quality of design, materials and attention to detail in the making of Temby flutes ensures that the instrument will always function correctly with consistent use. 

All Temby flutes come in a high quality french style case with cover and have a 6 year manufactures warranty.



The best flute for beginners who have a limited budget.

The instrument’s head, body and foot tubes are made from the highest quality nickel silver tubing (plated with fine silver). The keywork is forged from solid nickel silver for maximum strength. Each instrument is hand assembled and adjusted for maximum precision, speed and smoothness of operation

Nickel silver headjoint, body and keywork, Offset G, closed hole, C foot.



More than 60 schools already in Australia (let alone in other countries) use Temby Signature model flutes as their instrument of choice!

Same specifications as the Debut but with a ‘split E’ mechanism. The “Split E” mechanism helps advancing players to be more accurate and secure when playing in the 3rd octave. Depending on playing skill development, this is very helpful, usually around 18 months to 2 years of learning.

Nickel silver headjoint, body and keywork, Offset G, split E, closed hole, C foot.


The ideal ‘step up’ flute for the avancing intermediate players.

More clarity of sound, more volume, more richness of tone, more accuracy of articulation, better tone at lower volumes – faster tonguing, faster response, smoother legato, easy low C’s, (easier low B with the B foot option).

The advanced design of the .925 Sterling Silver headjoint , combined with the free blowing nature of the nickel silver body and foot, ensures the ideal combination of very fast response, easy airflow, accurate articulation and most importantly – a beautiful, clear and colourful sound.

0.925 silver headjoint, nickel silver body and keywork, Offset G, Split E, open or closed hole, C or B foot options.


The perfect intermediate flute. Great for the doubler or progressing student.

The .925 Sterling Silver headjoint and body tube produce a rich, warm tone, with easy responsive articulation, and plenty of room to push the volume.

0.925 sterling silver headjoint and body, nickel silver keywork, Offset G, Split E, open or closed hole, C or B foot options.


A pure pleasure to play! This semi-professional model is a great option for conservatorium students & advanced level flautists.

Tonally beautiful with diverse & flexible colours just waiting to be moulded to the individuals own sound. This flute comes in a range of optiosn including heavy wall, innovative low Eb roller, C# trill and more.

0.925 Sterling Silver headjoint and body, french point keywork, Offset G, Split E, optional C# trill, standard or heavy wall, open hole, C or B foot options.


Temby joins other major flute lines with is very limited production of top line handmade flutes.

Available in a range of configurations and finished including soldered tone holes, 14k gold, sterling silver keywork. Contact us to discuss your next flute.