Temby Signature Student Flute


A fantastic flute for the beginner student!



More than 60 schools already in Australia (let alone other countries) use Temby Signature flutes as their instrument of choice. Like all other Temby flutes this model is incredibly strong & reliable so that schools & students can be confident that it will give years & years of faithful service. The Signature flute comes with a Temby case and carry bag.

The Nickel-Silver head, body and foot, all with fine silver plating, have a very fast response, resonance and easy airflow which makes this the ideal flute to get a great start with. It will help you to advance your skills quickly, whether you are a younger student or an adult.

The embouchure hole and lip plate are crafted to Temby’s advanced designs to help students to produce a better sound, more quickly. Intonation and evenness of tone are excellent right across the range.

The “Split E” mechanism helps advancing players to be more accurate and secure when playing in the 3rd octave. Depending on playing skill development, this is very helpful, usually around 18 months to 2 years of learning.

The Temby Signature flute keywork is fast, smooth, and comfortable. The design is the result of exhaustive research and development, modelling, testing and refinement in consultation with teachers and professional flautists. The keywork has been universally applauded for it’s ergonomic functionality. The nickel-silver keywork is also incredibly strong, durable and precision engineered to provide the reliability and security needed to develop playing skills more quickly, and encourage a higher level of enjoyment.

Nickel Silver
C foot
Closed hole
Split E mechanism
Hand finished embouchure hole
6 year manufacturer’s warranty





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