From the humble desire to build a high quality, reliable and affordable student saxophone Temby saxophones have gone well beyond and are sought after the world over. All design, development & modelling work is undertaken in Australia with input from many professional musicians. Heavy engineering is then completed with specialised machinery in Taiwan. Final work is then carried out in the workshops in Melbourne, Australia. Thanks to Temby’s commitment to instrument reliability, quality engineering, materials & unique features, it is no surprise there are many professional musicians around the world who now play Temby Australia saxophones.

Comfort and play-ability is always at the forefront of the Temby range of instruments and the saxophones are no exception ensuring comfortable playing and ergonomic hand positioning.

All Temby saxophones come in a high quality case and have a 6 year manufactures warranty.


Curved soprano saxophones have been made for more than a hundred years. Whilst some of those very early instruments were “interesting” to play, advances in designs and technology, now mean that you will enjoy the sound, intonation & “alto like” feel of the Temby curved soprano saxophone range.

The Temby curved soprano saxophone has a relaxed and easy airflow, making it easy and comfortable to play. The main advantage of a curved soprano is that the player gets great personal feedback. You can hear yourself playing and enjoy your sound more. Often, straight soprano players say that they wish that they could hear their playing, just like their audience can.

Most players say that the Temby curved soprano saxophone has a warmer and rounder sound than a typical straight soprano sax. The curved model is expressive and versatile.

Temby started making this model in the mid 1990’s for young players. A number of 6-8 year old children that wanted to play the saxophone, but couldn’t physically manage an alto, saw the curved soprano as a great option. After many design exercises, the first of these horns were in students hands. Many of those children that are now adults, are still playing.

Since the 1990’s there have been many very small improvements to the designs and playing capabilities of this model, resulting in an instrument that professional players are very happy to play, just like their student counterparts.

All come in sleek GL hard cases.


Rich gold lacquer finish.


Black nickel plate body, bell and neck with fine silver plated keywork. Features a responsive bright flexible sound.


Un-lacquered raw brass finish on keywork and body. Produces a rich warm tone that deveolpes as the instrument ages.


Black nickel plate body, bell, neck and keywork. Features a responsive bright flexible sound.



Back to the future! … The Saxello was an experiment in the 1920’s and really won many fans over. It is a classic design made famous by Rahsan Roland Kirk when it was redesigned with modern style keywork – making it easier to play.

So now, the next generation! The Temby Saxello is the best way to enjoy this marvellous and boutique saxophone. The tonal structure is exquisite and versatile. This instrument allows you to mould the sound palette to create your own voice. Intonation is excellent and you will be noticed with the beautiful black nickel plated or silver plated finish.

The keywork is fast, smooth and comfortable. Plenty of thought has gone into designing keywork that is just in the right place, with correct angles and shapes for your hands and fingers.

The “tilted” bell gives better feedback to the player. This helps the player to mould and articulate their music and performance better, and in a more “tactile” way. Often, with a traditional straight soprano sax, the audience gets most of the benefit and hears the nuances of the sound, whilst the player may find it difficult to hear what the audience is experiencing. With the Temby Saxello, the player hears much more of the sound that is being produced from the sound of the bell reflections. This encourages a more intimate connection between player, the instrument and the audience.


Black nickel plate body, with fine silver plate neck and bell. Finished with silver plate keywork.


Fine silver plate boy, neck and bell. Finished with silver plate keywork.


Black nickel plate body, bell, neck and keywork.