About David Temby

David Temby is a classically trained musician who has worked in most genres of music – classical, commercial, jazz etc. He is also a composer, musical director and arranger who’s credits include “The Flying Doctors”, GTV9, Victoria State Opera, backing many local and visiting overseas artists, and you may even hear some of his compositions while wandering around Crown Casino Melbourne. Some of his performing and writing success is attributed to his skills on so many instruments – a professional brass, woodwind and piano player and singer. He really understands the idiosyncrasies and difficulties associated with playing and writing for all wind instruments.

As a teacher he used to find that far too many students would not have a good chance of learning because they had to try to play on substandard instruments.

His original challenge of researching the design and manufacturing of saxophones and flutes was to find out how to produce better sounding, easier to play and more mechanically secure instruments – During his journey of discovery he found that his expectations could be surpassed. The final result has been the introduction of a range of instruments that perform at much higher levels than were previously available in their price range.

Many professional musicians who play Temby instruments regularly give David feedback as to the performance and design of their instruments. It is heartening to know that there are so many great people who are passionate and committed to the development of the Temby range. It is with this help that he is able to improve on what may seem perfect already.

David always welcomes new ideas and discussion and is open minded about further developments to his musical instruments. It is only by questioning and trying exhaustively to improve and develop, that new ideas can grow into production.

Whilst David Temby’s original backround was in playing musical instruments, the past 20 years have been dedicated to developing high level skills and knowledge in science that affects instrument design and materials. Metallurgy, fluid mechanics, mechanical engineering, acoustics are all areas that are regularly drawn upon in the search for constant development.

All of us at Temby Australia encourage you to have fun with your musical journey. We hope that you will try our instruments soon and become part of our musical family.