1992 – David Temby decides to take up the challenge to develop a soprano sax which is mechanically reliable, plays in tune, sounds great and is affordable.

1994 – “A Touch of Paradise” Australian icon John Farnham’s saxophone giant – Steve Williams plays his Temby Soprano on tours and shows with John Farnham.

1995 – David Temby commences design and development work for his Alto Saxophones and Flutes.

1996 – First Saxellos (curved bell soprano) curved soprano and baritone saxophone.

1998 – The release of the Temby Australia Alto Saxophones, Signature, Prestige and Elite Flutes and Baritone Saxophone.

1999 – Temby Vintage Series Alto Saxophone released.

2000 – Temby Tenor Saxophone release.

2003 – Temby Artist Flute and Advanced Student Trumpet released. Redesigned and improved Curved Soprano, Saxello and Straight Soprano Saxes and Baritone Saxophones

2004 – Temby Artist Flute Series 2 and Professional and Vintage Trumpet release.

2005 – Developed “Ultra Keywork” silencing for saxophone keywork & revised rate carbon steel springs.

2006 – Introduces new ergonomic octave key with roller for alto & tenor saxophones & optional Mother of Pearl Key Tops from Broome W.A.

2007 – The first David Temby Handmade Flute

2007-2012 –New custom model saxophones – “Pharaoh” (Pharaoh Sanders’ Temby horn of choice) black & silver, Joe Camilleri “The Blues Horn”, “Tribute to Grafton – Blues Horn Series 2”, Custom – brushed and polished gold

2013 – Introduces “Cycralign” treatment to scientifically align molecular structures of metals to improve harmonics, reduce mechanical wear and enhance airflow

2014 – Hand assembles 7 unique trumpets representing a diversity of designs, releases limited edition alto and tenor saxophones with “Silver Pearl” finish, re-designs Bob Venier Lightweight Studio trumpet with revolutionary German made MAW valves for release in July 2015.

2015 – Debut alto saxophone released for students with smaller hands, hand assembles more unique trumpets, new “Signature” trombone, yellow brass with nickel silver braces and trim released. Designed, prototyped and tested new “Prestige” model trumpet.

2016 – January release of new “Signature” & “Prestige” model trumpets

2022- The Music Place becomes exclusive distributors of Temby Australia instruments

2023 – Long time collegue Cal Barry, through Sounding Grace , becomes the new ower of Temby Australia.


… stand by for more!