This video features the Temby Prestige Trumpet – the affordable entry into the land of pro horns. Starting at $1495 aud. (@$1100 usd),

Dane Laboyrie … Sydney based trumpet pro, and Temby Trumpet Artist talks through some of the features of this new model and then test plays this model.

This is the versatile, all-round trumpet that performs perfectly for advancing and advanced students, and at levels that professionals demand, but is priced to be affordable for those on a limited budget. At $1495aud, this is the perfect trumpet to fill the gap in the range of most other traditional brands.

Responsive, easy blow, good projection, secure intonation and slotting, valves and slides that are fast, smooth, and long term reliable (6 year warranty), well balanced and comfortable to hold.

Many pro players and teachers have given valuable input into the requirements of this trumpet. In particular, highly respected Australian pro trumpet player and educator, Shane Gillard, generously spent nearly a year with me working on design specifications, parts and materials design and selection, prototyping, play testing in different environments, review and alterations.

The Temby Prestige Trumpet is a well thought out, no frills, no fuss, easy to play horn. It is engineered to the finest tolerances and is made with the highest quality materials and workmanship.

Shane Gillard and I are very proud of the final result – the affordable entry into the land of pro horns!

David Temby