David Temby of Temby Australia is a saint and great advocate for bringing excellence to music in Australia. David has built relationships over the years with a variety of groups from professional musician’s, school and community groups, but none could be more passionate about David’s support and quality of instruments than us at the Cardinia Civic Concert Band.

With professional relationships that extend over 20 years, and over two thirds of the 65+ band members owning a Temby instrument, it is a testimony to the quality craftsmanship and ingenuity of Temby Instruments.

David recently extended his kindness and support for the band yet again by donating a professional Temby alto saxophone to the band to raffle as a major prize as part of his support to the bands international tour of Austria and Italy in April 2016.

In doing so the band raised much needed funds to assist members in joining the tour, and the cost of hiring instruments whilst overseas, however two members in particular benefited greatly through his generosity.

Anna a young euphonium player was the lucky winner of the raffle in which she won the saxophone. As Anna was not a sax player, she organized with one of the other band members’ parents to on sell the instrument as a surprise at a reduced price to assist her in buying her own euphonium.

As a result, on the 16th of March David came to the band rehearsal night and presented the young Eupho player with her brand new saxophone, at which time Anna handed the saxophone to its new owner, who was overwhelmed with emotion on her new acquisition.

In true Temby fashion, a matter of weeks later the band received a call from David’s previously owned shop “The Music Place” to say they had an Imperial Boosey and Hawkes Eupho come in, in great condition. Thanks to David’s generosity, two young musicians were blessed to have professional instruments to take with them and perform on tour!

The band was an international success performing to large audiences at venues such as Schonbrunn Palace Vienna, Mirribelle Gardens (sound of music) Salzburg, The Hohensalzburg Fortress Salzburg, The Castle of Binasco Milan, and a variety of other venues and cities on Temby Australia instruments.

The band would like to sincerely thank David for all that he does, has done and continues to do for them and music in Australia and would proudly recommend Temby Australia to all level of performers as the quality, support and service is second to none!

Kim Thomsen
Musical Director
Cardinia Civic Concert Band