Detroit Michigan trumpet pro – Tim Priddy spent the day with David Temby in February 2010 and ended up loving this horn so much that he purchased it.

Normally, after a 41 year career playing trumpet, one could usually assume that a player would have found the correct set-up (mouthpiece and horn). David Temby proved me wrong on that one!

I have played virtually every kind of trumpet on this planet, from classical to jazz, both old and new, boutique and off-the-shelf. While I find there is a use for each of these horns, not until playing a Temby trumpet did I settle for one horn that really can do it all. I am a commercial player—a player that relies on one horn to play a variety of styles and genres. The Temby Professional trumpet in silverplate gives the player a step up on the competition in a variety of ways:

  • First, there is a consistent feedback from the instrument in the form of resonance in one’s hands. When you play in tune, the horn vibrates.
  • Second, the core sound has a clarity that can only be attributed to careful research and development over years of trial and error—searching for that perfect combination of material in the manufacture of component brass.
  • Third, the valves are tight and fast, with great springs.
  • Fourth, and probably most important, the intonation in the “playable” range (low A to double g) is the closest I’ve found yet to flawless. I don’t have to work as hard to make great music!!

The fit and finish is beautiful, and while there has been some controversy of late about cryogenics, know that I played a double blind test of his horns with cryo and without, and decided that the cryo horn slotted better in the altissima range. His patented “Coldfire” process, I believe helps the response and feedback the horn gives the player. I am proud to be an endorser of such a fine product! Thank you David Temby for making it easier for me to excel!!

Tim Priddy

Tim Priddy has had a long and illustrious career, ranging from Big Band lead and jazz, Classical and Pops, Jazz quintets, U.S. Navy Band, Funk bands and Showbands. He has backed up many, many acts ranging from The Fifth Dimension to Martha Ray and the Vandellas, Shirley Jones, Barbara Eden, Frankie Valli, Bob Hope, Lee Greenwood as well as others just too numerous to mention. Tim is also an endorser of Warburton mouthpieces and is currently playing a lexan 3M with a NY backbore for the majority of his lead and jazz. Tim is currently on tour in Australia and Asia. When not on tour, Tim makes his home in Midland, Michigan USA.

He has been playing his Yamaha Bobby Shew model trumpet for years but found that the Temby Custom Cryo trumpet gave him the opportunity of exploring a new level of tonality. Tim was very happy with the accurate slotting, intonation and free blowing nature of this cryo treated trumpet. He had test played many pro, custom and exotic horns in the past, however, this is the horn that has won his heart. Tim is a commercial player who places a lot of emphasis on creating a really colourful and even sound over the whole range of his horn. He also demands that his trumpet must play absolutely correctly in tune. Thanks Tim – what a beautiful sound!