Joe and Charlie CamilleriThis was a treasured moment in time when Joe Camilleri and his daughter Charlie make “time to play” at the Music Place last week. Joe played a Temby Custom Saxello on some recordings recently and decided that he “just had to have one to use for more projects” He really loved the tonal textures and great tuning for his demanding recording work. Joe is a perfectionist when it comes to music production, performing and songwriting. He always insists on using the best equipment available to make sure that the results live up to his stringent standards. This is the mark of the musical genius who has just celebrated 45 years of success in the Australian music industry. Whether it is one of his many, many guitars, his recording suite, the musos that he works with or his new Temby Custom Saxello ( a partner to his “Joe Camilleri Limited Edition Temby Australia Blues Horn – custom tenor sax) … Joe deserves and demands the best.

The list of Temby Custom Saxello players includes …. Joe Camilleri, Royal Australian Navy Band, Dr Robert Vincs (VCA), Dean Hilson, Tim Pledger, Chris O’Dea, Amr Bakry ……… We are all looking forward to when Joe may release an album featuring his two Temby horns.