“David Temby has made a quality breakthrough in instruments and has obviously put his heart and soul into their development. I happily recommend Temby instruments and give him full credit for getting it right. It is the instrument I recommend my students to purchase.
They are free blowing right down to bottom Bb and consistently in tune throughout the full range of the saxophone. My personal favourite is my Temby Vintage tenor sax. Over the years the tone of this horn has filled out and I have absolutely no trouble blowing the roof off the house. I play a fairly mild 8* medium chamber mouthpiece with a #3 reed set up which suits this horn beautifully. The smokey ballades and tough tenor antics are a sheer pleasure to play on my Temby Vintage.

Robert Glaesemann is an expat American woodwind specialist who moved to Australia and in 1990 took up a teaching post at the Melbourne Grammar School as Head of Woodwind. He has toured extensively throughout America playing in a variety of musical organisations encompassing classical, rock, blues, theater,caribbean, cuban and jazz. He still teaches at MGS and can be found playing a few nights a week in Melbourne.