“My first reaction when I played a Temby Elite Flute was that it probably had a $10,000 (plus) price tag. I couldn’t believe it when David said that it was actually around 1/3 of that figure – I had to own one immediately”

The overall sound of my Temby Artist flute is rich, smooth and even. It blends superbly with Cello, Harp or any instruments – so whether I am playing with a chamber ensemble, in an orchestra or even with a rock band I’m confident that I will be happy with my sound.

From the concert halls of Europe to the MSO in Melbourne; in Clifton Hill classrooms or at spectacular corporate nights; at philanthropic soirees or on radio, television or film; with orchestras, rock groups, choirs, trios or dancers, Megan Kenny’s renowned music virtuosity and magnetic exuberance captivate audiences wherever she performs.