Matthew is widely respected throughout Australia as a “first call” lead trumpet player, who has “extreme chops” with incredible reliability. He is a true professional in his field. It is a treat to have him lead any trumpet section.

Matthew has been a member of the Royal Australian Navy Band since March 2012 and is predominantly employed as a commercial lead trumpeter and feature soloist. Prior to joining the Navy, Matthew began performing professionally with the Enormous Horns throughout Australia and Indonesia from 1998-2002 before heading overseas as a freelance musician working firstly with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines followed by four years, performing in the UK, Europe and Scandinavia on the West End, and in Musical theatre tours.

In the UK, Matthew’s theatre experience included, “Dancing in the Streets”, “Daddy Cool”, “Billy Elliott”, “Rat Pack – live from Las Vegas” and Direct from USA “Megan Mullally and Supreme music program”. After returning to Australia in June of 2010 he was honored to work with James Morrison, Chong Lim, David Campbell, Mark Vincent, Caroline O’Connor, Tom Burlinson and Rhonda Burchmore. In addition, Matthew performed in the Sydney production of “Wicked”, the recent debut of “King Kong – The Musical”, “Strictly Ballroom – The Musical” in Melbourne and touring “The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber” through Australasia.

In 2014, Matthew was flown to New Zealand to perform on lead trumpet with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra in their Pops Concert “The Music is Bond”. In 2015 he was asked back to play lead trumpet when the orchestra featured with James Morrison and Hetty Kate.

Matthew sees himself as a Commercial Theatre Musician, with a solid grounding in Jazz, Latin, Big Band, Brass Band, Cabaret and Orchestral trumpet.

Matthew Tubman writes … Why Temby Trumpets

I had been noticing the time and effort Dave Temby was constantly investing in experimenting and developing trumpets for Gianni Marinucci and Bob Venier. I was very interested to see what he could create with a lead commercial sound in mind.

In 2015 the David Temby Hand Assembled Trumpet #2015-3 was born and after what started as a two week trial to see how the horn would behave in a big band section, I’ve just not been able to put the horn down. I had previously been playing a Yamaha Xeno NY which is also an amazing horn. The Temby was not
only keeping up with it, but giving me a lot more tonal fullness and variation and a lot less resistance, Especially in those moments where I had been screaming in the upper register and then had to back off and blend into the trumpet section or jump straight into a ballad.

In my mind there was no question what horn I needed to be performing on. It allows me to blend in big band and wind band trumpet section and equally sits on a section if playing 1st or lead trumpet. It’s smooth and airy on jazz and zings on lead. I’ve not come across a more versatile trumpet and to be able to watch Dave assemble and modify before my eyes is something trumpeters in Australia rarely
have the opportunity to experience.

Having Dave’s knowledge of physics and metal working skills on top of his education as a trumpeter and musician is really a dream come true. To have someone in Australia designing and assembling parts from Australia and all over the world to produce a trumpet that is designed and built for me is an honour.