Mark Fischer or The Blowfisch as he is known around the scene has a career spanning over 20 years playing saxophone. The most recent 10 of those have been playing Temby Saxophones. “I started shopping at The Music Place back in the 90’s when it was back on Park Street South Melbourne”. “David sold me my first saxophone and the current crop I play now. There’s some history there.”

My Career has seen me play with local and international artists here and overseas. I’ve played varying styles including Funk/Soul/Hip Hop/Reggae/Ska, Pop, Progressive Rock, Rock, Heavy Metal and even Middle Eastern and Indian music.

The Temby gives me the versatility to play with brutality while playing heavy music, but also the ability to bring it back to play soft tones to suite the Middle Eastern/Jazz styles I’ve played.

One thing that I find people have complimented me on is my tone. When I was in America recently I had guys asking me what horn I play. I mentioned mine was a Temby. They liked its unique tone and versatility.

The Blowfisch. Music for the Soul.