“If you learn music as a language from an early age, as I did, it’s natural to pick up a range of instruments in search of the right voice to express a particular musical idea. You know that saying; ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ – well, I like to think of myself as working towards mastering the art of being a multi-instrumentalist.”

Grant’s sound is often described as ‘uniquely varied’ reflecting the combined influences of formal training in Classical and Jazz with years of live performance across diverse genres including Ska, Rock, Soul, Folk, Traditional Celtic and Popular music. Learning ‘music as a language’ from the age of three and taking up cello and saxophone in primary school, Grant has gone on to build an impressive repertoire of both musical styles and instruments. As an accomplished multi-instrumentalist he lists guitar, bass guitar and double bass, cello, saxophone and piano/keyboards amongst his favourites.