I was first introduced to the Temby brand by a friend working at The Music Place woodwind & brass store. Speaking to him about looking for a different sound and an upgrade to my horn led to many discussions and try out sessions in the shop. After much discussion and trying out horns, I settled on a possible horn that not only matched the physical look of what I was after but also allowed me to finally find the inner voice that I had wanted in my playing with the minimal amount of change or effort. That horn was the Temby B.V. vintage model horn. I couldn’t stop thinking about the last session in which I tried everything I could on the horn. It impressed me so much that I had to have one. The rest is history.

This horn allows me to achieve the darker sound I use for my jazz group work as well as give me the room to ‘shout’ when I need to in larger ensembles. It’s texture dexterity allows me to sing with a sound that matches what is in my head and what I believe to be stylistically correct, be it classically, commercial or jazz.

I am so happy to work with Dave Temby and his team because everyone has one goal in mind. Make the best horns, so that musicians can be their best.


Don Mayne


Don Mayne is a Mildura based Musician, Composer and Teacher and has been playing brass instruments since the age of 5. After completing Jazz Studies at the University of Adelaide, Don took up a music teaching position at Red Cliffs Secondary College, where he currently is the Music Co-coordinator.

Apart from teaching, Don fills in free time travelling around the country playing as a freelance player, leads his own jazz groups and composes and arranges music.

Don is a regular at the Mildura Jazz Food and Wine Festival, Jazz festivals and conventions around the southern states of Australia and also plays in the Salvation Army “Salvo” Big band based in Melbourne.

Highlights include playing as part of the Rosebowl Parade in 2014, teaching music to orphan children in Taiwan in August of 2015 and playing concerts and festivals around the country as a part of many groups.