“I first met Damien in 1998 when he was completing his music degree at the Hobart Conservatorium. I was a visiting lecturer and was immediately impressed by his playing and desire to soak up information to help him develop as a saxophone player. Since then he has moved from his Selmer tenor sax to a Keilwerth SX90R tenor.
He is an accomplished jazz musician who is now based in the “spa region” of Victoria. I havent heard him play for a while and was treated to a really beautiful sound and lyrical dexterity today, when Damien was searching for a new soprano sax. Damien finally settled on a Temby Custom Saxello (pictured) and is looking forward to playing it in live settings and recordings. Damien has bravely continued playing and developing even more over the years despite having to wrestle with a serious lung disorder. He found that the Temby Saxello has an easier airflow to manage and that it is far more relaxing and less strenuous to play than other sopranos. He also play tested a new Dave Guardala MBII for his tenor and found that this mouthpiece is much less resistive and has less backpressure than his old setup. His tenor sound on the DG mouthpiece and his Keilwerth tenor is sensational. Damien is also an accomplished singer and I was thrilled to hear his refreshing and soulful recordings today. I feel very lucky to be in the position to work with many clients over the years (and sometimes decades) of their musical and personal growth and to hear and experience the results. Enjoy Damien! “…. David Temby